diele kerciku architetture

Based in Rome and Milan, Diele Kerciku Architetture is a studio made up of a team of architects, designers, engineers and consultants.
Across our services we set ourselves the goal to create 'architectures' that are never the same, which are the result of a design vision sensitive to the ideas of our clients, and to the stories and places of the contexts in which we are called to intervene.

Shaping ideas is one of our passions.

The way we do it is through our services: concept design and feasability studies; architectural projects, both interiors and products; graphics; strategic consulting activities and specialized analysis for architectural purposes.
Thanks to our team and network, we follow the development of the project step by step from the idea to the completion of the site, while respecting the quality, the budget and the timing.

Our aim is to design spaces and solutions in line with the challenges of the contemporary age, generating a positive change that can last over time.

We believe in the importance of curiosity in all phases of the process, of creativity that is never an end in itself and of innovation at the service of sustainability, environmental comfort and sensory well-being.

Our approach is ‘context sensitive’, and by this we mean both the physical context and the emotional one. We are used to investigate our clients’ individual characteristics, which become the basis of shared design visions.

We love to work together for creating spaces that express our attachment with the territory, our love for the details and our attention for custormers’ specific needs. We wish to go beyond the obvious.