Casa Vacanze Annarita

The idea for this concept was born after a careful analysis of the context and of the intended use of the space to design: an apartment designated as a vacation home rental at the heart of via Veneto, once heart of the ‘dolce vita’, nowadays one of the most attractive area for international tourism and where many national and multinational companies have their HQs, target for medium and high end class with love for comfort and luxury. 

The result is a multi-purpose space where the home environments, other than satisfying the need for rest can also offer the possibility to experience moments of wellbeing and to keep working in full comfort. A minimalist elegant touch has been achieved using a few selected high-quality materials.


Casa Vacanze Annarita




architecural design and work supervision




110 mq




Alessandro Vitali

The living area has been conceived as a versatile space thanks to custom-made decor elements which enable to transform the living room in an extra bedroom. From the partition wall covered in brass and the perimetral wall some big wall shatters can be taken down, roughly 1 mt large per 2.9 mt height, whose existence will go unnoticed unless in use.

In order to ensure privacy to those staying in the additional room, it i salso possible to darken the entire wall at the center, double glass, also containing a bioethanol fireplace which normally divides the living area from the dining room granting nonetheless a visual continuity over the spaces. In both cases, the kitchen area remains accessible: a room able to host many guests around the table or suited for flexible working, reading or moments of shared relax.

The minimalist style of the environments has a finishing touch alternating between “marble” coverings and tailor-made carpentry bronze covered in some parts.

The portals in “marquina black” mark the passage of the guests through the different environments. They create contrast with the finishings, the softness of the velvet used for the sleeping area and the geometry of the precious mosaic of the hot tub areas that both rooms have.