Casa Lucia e Stefano

The flat, renovated for the first time, is located in a building of the seventies in a central neighborhood in Rome. The flat was divided in many small spaces and corridors as resulted from the original drawing plan, yet the space didn’t suit the owners’ needs: Lucia and Stefano is a couple of young creative professionals living a hectic life, both travellers and fond of reading who love spending quality time with friends and family. 

The aim of the project for their new house was indeed that of creating an environment which would mirror their passions and personalities: a mix of quiet and exuberance, inspiration and rigor, creativity and rationality. We have then imagined a very adaptable and practical living room right at the center of the flat where they could concentrate and live the different moments a day offers (working time, relax, social life), and around that center we’ve then designed the private rooms of the sleeping area. Great importance has been given to the colours, an element of strong identification for the clients, which not only have a connotative function but also a guiding one.


Casa Lucia e Stefano




architecural design and work supervision




100 mq




Alessandro Costantino

A long cobalt blue stripe made of carpentry and special elements, cuts the house plan across, transforming the spaces completely, from the doorway to the kitchen and on through the living room. In the curve of this stripe we can find: a wall mounted bookcase which paves the way towards the living room; a small studio equipped for flexible working and reading, directly connected with the other areas of the living room in order to relax while still being aware of what happens around;

an open plan kitchen connected with the living room area, perfect to create a cosy and friendly atmosphere to welcome their guests. Thanks to the new renovation plan, the living room has now been turned into a social space, full of natural light and overlooking the city, offering the owners many different ways to make the most of it throughout the daytime.

Every piece of furniture and lighting has been designed for an environment with refined style and design.

The project is entirely balanced between casual ambience and elegance. Essential materials, craftsmanship, and a well-balanced lighting in every area.