Casa Nicoletta

Casa Nicoletta stemmed from a reflection over space and time and how these two concepts influence one another within domestic walls. The round and warm volumes, the lights and the natural colours of the materials chosen for the project have served the purpose of fulfilling our client’s wish to live in a house where the living pace could slow down enabling the person to feel an atmosphere of calm and peace. Nonetheless, a place that could inspire time and space sharing, designed for hospitality and to have a space to experience people’s passions, such as Nicoletta’s one for green and cooking. 


Casa Nicoletta




architecural design and work supervision




90 mq


2017 – 2018


Chiara Pasqualini

Two round shells, in white lacquer wood, perfectly divide the square plan of the house, protecting the intimacy of the bedroom and the bathroom, right at its core; on the outside they become the scenery of the living area ready to welcome moments of relax and conviviality. Both areas have been designed to convey a new way of living the house: through wide and fluid spaces where all the materials have been chosen to reach a balance between minimalism and a feeling of warmth.

Carbonized bamboo flooring is laid in parallel in order to magnify the geometrical uniformity of the slats in contrast with the soft roundness of the two shells. The artificial light has been conceived to further highlight the elements of the furniture, without grabbing the spotlight of the space. The green wall of the studio area is “alive” thanks to the composition of vases of flowers and plants interchanging with volumes on the bookshelves.

A fluid space, where the access to the most private area of the house is never shown or perceived explicitly.