Reception center in Puglia

Local materials usage, correct integration with the existing landscape, lightness: we started from these principles for the concept of a place where to celebrate one of the most important moments of one's life, such as the marriage. The project responds to the need for a functional extension of the existing structure, with a dual objective: organizing several marriages by maintaining a high level of efficiency and privacy; and using the area for the reception of a single wedding to be carried out with different settings, following different steps.

That is why we have analyzed our customers working habits and the way in which the activities related to the receptions are carried out: a wedding is a complex event and becomes unforgettable only if the organizational machine works perfectly.


Reception center in Puglia




Concept design




18000 mq




Bernardo Corsetti

The target of the intervention was an architectural redevelopment of the existing villa. Particularly, of its external areas: roads, accesses, equipped and thematic areas. Three integrated structures, with new equipped gardens and an artificial lake, have been hypothesized. The road map has been changed in order to avoid any possible visual contact with driveways and parking lots. All the services (kitchen, toilets, warehouses, changing rooms) have been hidden inside an artificial hill, in order to preserve the privacy.

The new reception room turned out to be a glass volume made of light and rounded geometries. The thin roof, very similar to a flower petal, presents a large circular hole in the center, to allow the wedding couples to dance under the stars. The outdoor space in front of the reception room, overlooks the artificial lake and it is covered with the same type of roof. This is supposed to be used for specific moments of a celebration, such as an aperitif or the cake moment.