Wooden building in Bolzano

The contest called for the planning of a sustainable and flexible residential building which, together with the annexed square and park, could function as a catalyst for interaction, shared activities and social animation while representing the urban heart of the new neighborhood Prati di Gries in Bolzano.  

The building has ten floors above ground and one basement. The latter and the first two floors have been conceived with a structure in reinforced concrete as to become the foundation of the entire building and to separate the higher floors from the ground thanks to a wooden structure (CLT, Cross Laminated Timber). The vertical elements of the façade are in larch wood and they develop around 55m3 the equivalent of roughly 11 trees, which have been planted in the park located at the bottom of the building.

The ground floor and the first floor host libraries, meeting points and relax areas opened to the people of the neighborhood. The glass walls which characterize the two floors increase the visual and functional permeability between the interior, the park and the surrounding squares.


Residential wooden building in Bolzano


Ipes (Istituto per l’Edilizia Sociale dell’Alto Adige)




Prati di Gries, Bolzano


5000 mq



The rooftop is a multi-purpose roof garden with 360° panoramic view. There are relax areas, playground for kids and a small covered space easy to set up for flexible working or private/public events. This choice, other than being functional, is also a solution to get back the chance of enjoying the beautiful mountain landscape enclosing the city of Bolzano.