Reserva Restaurante

Liveliness and privacy, dynamism and relax, elegant and casual touch, innovation and tradition: Reserva Restaurante is a refined ensemble of contrasts. Designing a place where these contrasts could coexist in harmony has been our main challenge. The initiative was a request from an historical family of restaurant owners in the capital city of Rome, owners, among the others, of the iconic restaurant 'Pierluigi' in the central neighborhood ‘Campo de’ Fiori’. Our client requested us to modernize what once was an Italian traditional trattoria, and, before that, what used to be a complex of historical local small shops, and to turn the place into a restaurant and cocktail bar. The idea behind this new project was clear: creating a unique place in the roman restaurant scenario, characterized by South American atmospheres and flavours, in spaces marked by an elegant international aura.


Reserva Restaurante in via del Pellegrino 




architecural design and work supervision


Roma, Via del Pellegrino (Campo de’ Fiori)


400 mq


2018 – 2019


Alessandro Vitali

The cocktail bar area where visitors are welcomed is the heart of the project. Thick tropical vegetation emerging from the ceilings frame the bar counter covered with labradorite and hand-made ceramic feathers. Through the bond of these materials, the image of wild nature in South American forests merges with the refined and timeless image of Italian craftsmanship.

At the sides of the bar we can find the two restaurant rooms revolving around backdrops decorated with tropical plants, sofas and velvet seats, tables in black fenix material and Italian walnut wood and handmade lampshade. The warm lights, the delicate colours of the walls finished in quicklime and the parquet flooring made up of small jatoba wood tiles characterize the environment and are able to carry you “somewhere else” unexpected. 

Every decor and lighting element has been planned to create an environment which is stylish and refined.

The project is entirely balanced between casual ambience and elegance. Essential materials, craftsmanship, and a well-balanced lighting in every area.  

Maximizing the quality experience of our client was one of the main goal for the project. The kitchen, previously occupying one of the rooms on road and part of the basement, has been moved in the background part of the place, losing some seats but granting three entire rooms on road for the clients. The wine cellar, designed to be visited by experts and wine enthusiasts, is placed in the basement where technical rooms also are. 

Great attention has been given to plant buildings and to the technology used in order to be highly functional in terms of sustainable energy. For example, there is a plant recovering water from kitchen machinery or from refrigerators’ engines, in order to recycle and use it as water for conditioning units in the different environments and viceversa, according to the season.