Residences in Nosy-Be, Madagascar

Nosy-Be is an island in Madagascar. Better, an island within an island. This circumstance amplifies the feeling of detachment from the frenetic and entropic reality of urban life. Nosy-Be is, in fact, a peaceful and natural world corner, where the long stretches of pristine beach merge with the forests that arise where the sand ends. The presence of airports and small resorts make it a tourist destination, but also a holiday place where to stay for long periods. The residential complex of the concept is designed for this second purpose: to create a small residential village, with park, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, relaxation corners, in order to accommodate families for medium-long periods.

The main objective was to create a complex perfectly integrated with the surrounding nature, without cutting down trees, and at the same time using only local technologies and materials. Wood, straw, natural fabrics, local stone: a few local materials integrated with simple technologies, easy to maintain, and sustainable. 


Residence in Nosy-Be, Madagascar




Concept design


Nosy-Be, Madagascar


4500 mq





Residences are arranged in the lot in order to let anyone enjoy as much as possible the view of the extraordinary natural landscape and to facilitate the link with internal services. The two-storey villas are therefore arranged in the highest part of the hill, from where you can see the ocean from different angles.

The smaller cottages are located below, connected by small paths that link them to the service area where you can find the swimming pool, a solarium, bars and restaurants. Particular attention was given to the design of the terraces. The choice of designing the terraces on several levels is for respecting the natural character of the slopes of the lot.