McKinsey&Company offices in Piazza del Popolo - Rome

An extensive consideration on the esthetic and on the functions of contemporary offices is at the core of the project for McKinsey & Company Rome HQ, international strategic-management consulting company in support of companies, governments, institutions and non-profit organizations.

The new office had to convey the values and follow the international guidelines of the company, which led us to focus on a minimal interior design, few colours, among which the choice of the blue, trademark of the brand identity, and to the creation of spaces planned for representation activities, collaboration and social relations, in addition to individual working functions. The working stations are, for example, conceived in a free way: consultants can book the ones they prefer and move smoothly from the traditional working desk to the numerous lounge areas in case of a less formal job.


Offices for a management consulting multinational company in Piazza del Duomo


McKinsey & Company


architectural design and art director


Rome, Piazza del Popolo


1200 mq


2018 – 2019


Alessandro Vitali

The choice of materials and colours was done keeping in mind the visual identity of the brand McKinsey & Company, together with the historical and geographical context of the location. Some choices are a clear reminder of Rome and its architecture: the seamless floor in beige micro concrete is inspired to the great travertine slabs typical of classical age; in all the main corridors we have used a light-coloured stone for the coverings, processed with grooves and light carvings recalling the exquisite craft of fine ornaments on roman columns.

The stark contrast between the black colour of the glass walls, glass doors and lighting elements against the white colour of walls and ceilings, has been designed to recall the black and white of mosaic tesserae of the roman age. The use of vegetation is another reference to the city of Rome and its parks. The careful and ad hoc design becomes the fil rouge in experiencing this space. The blue colour, branding colour of the company, marks the main and relax areas.

The HQ occupies the fourth and fifth floor of the historical building of Palazzo Valadier (overlooking Piazza del Popolo and Pincio gardens) was made by architect Giuseppe Valadier during the first half of the 19th century and placed under the special archeological superintendence for fine arts and landscape of Rome. The internal space, placed under the same protection plan, spreads over 1200 sqm and it was originally made up of a series of small spaces connected by corridors with little natural light and of poor architectural quality. 

The break and lounge rooms can be found in different parts of the office in order to encourage occasions to discuss, collaborate and create social life among the company consultants.

The fifth floor, a slooping roof attic, connected to the fourth floor whose shape granted a natural wider space for agency representation activisties, has been transformed from potential secondary space to the main core of the HQ daily life, with four ‘team rooms’, two terraces overlooking the domes in Piazza del Popolom a sport room and a big lounge area.